YAKUZA’S REVENGE 2:(boy’s love or yaoi manga)
A story in yakuzas world, a story of revenge but first of all a love story …
Here are the following adventures of Kuran, the sexy and dangerous yakuza, and Ranmaru, the awesome, beautiful and mysterious young guy kidnapped by Kodaka, the worst enemy of Kuran.
Sex, violence, suspens and perhaps love in Tokyo nights?

8 réflexions au sujet de « COMIC_MANGA_YAKUZAS_REVENGE_II »

    • ;A; alright I will try and do more positive criticism!! but <____< Ran is a very beautiful male..Kuran would have him all dolled up and brought him everywhere with him (kuran) if he wasn't probably afraid Ran would run away or someone kidnapping Ran ;A; .___. that last scene…things are getting a little steamy *3*

  1. ;A; everything is great!! I always loved the plot line and just TwT but one things I will say is the faces of some of the side characters like at the beginning on page…*looks for it* page 11 the guy getting almost shot by Kuran his face is at a awkward angle. I understand what you were trying to do but it’s just awkward.. ;A; please don’t hate me ;A; I still love your manga!!! <3

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